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Consultant: Celleste YEO

Consultant: Celleste YEO


Cellste Yeo

Celleste YEO graduated and obtained her degree, BSc. (Hons.) Food Study (Food Management) from Putra University of Malaysia (UPM). She is currently a member of the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) and certified Food Safety Facilitator and Trainer of number of international standards which include: Codex-HACCP / BRC-Food / Private or Hybrid FSMS Standards / ISO 22000: 2005 International Standard.

She believes that food safety ranks high on the list of concerns for consumers, regulators, producers and retailers, as evidenced by The ISO Survey of Management System Standard Certifications – 2011, which recorded at least 19,980 ISO 22000:2005 certificates in 140 countries, a growth of 8 % compared to 2010.

This is proof in itself that SMEs appreciate the potential benefits of implementing a food safety management system in accordance with ISO 22000:2005. But due to their size or lack of in-house technical expertise, these small entities are often at a loss when it comes to deploying such a management system.

Over the past 13 years of working as the system facilitator she has had seen all the SME working together with commitment had expanded business to bigger market and even for oversea market. Food produce are safer for consumer and also meeting country regulatory.