Business Consultancy & Advisory


Provide in-depth analysis for the administrative system in the enterprise and assign the right person to the right position. Establish an efficient and fast responding enterprise administrative system to improve enterprise performance and internal communication and interaction.


Customise exclusive enterprise image and culture to let the market quickly understand and pay attention to the strength of the company. Assist the company to figure out how to promote, pursue and move forward to the corporate direction and culture.


Establish the brand and give the product vitality based on marketing and product analysis. Review the strengths and weaknesses of the original brand, provide special proposal through marketing research and give new life to the old brand.

TEAM BUILDING & Philosophy Training

Build a comprehensive enterprise team with cooperation, mutual assistance and proactivity. Reach full potential of every member in the team, create goal-oriented mode and enhance overall efficiency. Conduct Inamori Philosophy, Carnegie Training to the management officers, key personnel and workforce.