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About Us

About Us

Corporate Consultant – LEAP MENTORS lead you to “MAKE A LEAP”!

Success Overnight” is the desire of many people. Everyone wants to become successful overnight in their life, when doing business and pursuing their dreams. But in reality, we will encounter many obstacles, challenges and even setbacks when going after the goals, or sometimes the crisis has been formed unconsciously while everything seems to be going very smoothly and break out when you are slacking off.

Whether you are facing your own life, running a business or even in pursuit of your dream, if you don’t have a clear mind and a more objective third-party perspective to help you recognize the direction ahead, find out the potential crisis and plan your path forward, your effort might be in vain, or you might need more time to complete the mission. In most cases, it is not terrible to start over. However, the patience, perseverance, confidence and steps you need for starting over will be thousands of times more than that you need in the starting stage.


LEAP MENTORS is a consulting institution composed of professional managers, experienced executives from different types of enterprises, professional standard quality appraisal consultants and marketing management and psychological counsellors. We offer individuals, teams, managers and enterprises any professional consulting and support services needed for improvement and advance. Our goal is to enable you, your team and your company to have a professional consulting team that provides timely mentor and assistance, gives advices, helps you avoid unnecessary time-wasting and lets you achieve your goal faster and success overnight!