Electronic Factory Seeking Opportunity of Cooperation





为了保障买卖双方的利益,洽谈期间除了签署保密协议,只有确认双方具备洽商诚意及条件,方进行深入的会面和谈判。有意了解更多详情者,可透过电子邮件 info@leapmentors.com 或电话 +601126657581 联络Leap Mentors Resources做详尽沟通。

The electronic factory located in Southern of Malaysia is seeking business partner and intends to sell 30% of its equity for MYR6 million to obtain and strengthen the cash flow and operational activities.

The electronic factory was established in 1988 and has more than 30 years history and experience in the market. Toshiba and Panasonic were the mainstream products and contribute the annual turnover of around MYR100 million. However, the said electronic factory suffered huge losses and impact due to the business restructuring and strategy reforms of these two major brands in year 2017 and 2018.

After 2 – 3 years rectification, in addition to the production lines of the new brands from China and other countries, the company is gradually returning to the normal operations. In order to enable the company to get rid of the crisis and increase the productivity and capacity more quickly, the owner has decided to seeking business partner for future cooperation with sell off the 30% of its equity as return.

As for now, the total assets of the electronic factory are MYR47 million, the annual turnover is about MYR30 million. We can provide complete audited documents which include the annual financial report, annual sales report, assets list, debt list and other documents that certified by Ecovis for those sincerely buyer.

In order to protect the interests of both buyer and factory, beside of signing a non-disclosure agreement, only confirmed potential buyer will be invited for further negotiation. Please contact LEAP MENTORS RESOURCES by email info@leapmentors.com or phone +601126657581 for more information.